Monday, 28 March 2011

Portaloo panic

Yesterday I had a moment of panic when I needed to heed the call of nature whilst at university.

To make matters worse, my body's call went straight from a casual 'when you're ready' to 'urgent - must go NOW!' Unfortunately our campus remains only partially functioning and I wasn't sure 1) whether any inside toilets were operational on campus yet, and 2) whether I could make it to them in time.

The alternative was to take advantage of one of the Portaloos dotted around the place - the ones strategically placed right beside the footpath so students walking past can hear every...outburst.

As my friend Natalie would say, "Oh come on!"
I'd even go so far as to add a Glee, "Hell to the No!" in there as well.

Fortunately, brow dotted with sweat, I made it to MacMillan Brown (no pun intended, that's the actual name of the library) and all was well - indoor, flushing toilets. Yay!  But it was a close one though, especially when I had to climb two flights of stairs to get to them.  Well have you ever tried climbing stairs with your butt cheeks clenched?!

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