Wednesday, 6 April 2011


It's Thursday and I'm procrastinating. I don't have my geology lab until 3.30pm so I could be studying. Instead, I'm playing around with the look of my blog (all new options discarded in favour of the original look at this stage), flicking through all the gorgeous quilt blogs I follow, and basically avoiding doing anything of substance. Naughty I know.

Today's lab should be fun though. We're looking, finally, at thin sections of rocks under the microscope. I had no idea how beautiful rocks are in thin section!  It's like looking into a treasure box.
This is Olivine, found in dark, mafic rocks formed deep in the mantle, viewed with cross polarised light.
The zebra striped mineral is plagioclase, whilst the big grey blobby one is probably a zoned orthopyroxene. 
This little lovely is a gabbro rock.

So it should be fun, but its another 4 and a half hours away...sigh. I might have to order another Chai and maybe one of those yummy raspberry buns to tide me over. Oh, and do some study.

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