Thursday, 28 April 2011

Reverse quilting

Had a wonderful class with the very patient and talented Ros Johnson of Squiltz on Saturday.  As a result, I am now dangerous in charge of a walking and stipling foot as I work to finish my first quilt - the pink and green gingham with roses. Its such fun! However, I have to say I think Machine Quilting is actually code for unpicking! Never-the-less, to the gorgeous vocals of Adele in the background, I am persevering and I can definitely see progress. I've got my stippling how I want it, my walking foot is working a treat for all those straight(ish) lines and I've even tried a bit of free motion script here and there. Love it! Thanks Ros.

However, I fear I have been a mite ambitious with my goal to finish 3 quilts this break. I am revising that down to doing just as much as I can on this first quilt! LOL.

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