Friday, 22 April 2011

A tale of three quilts

YAY! The weekend is finally here and its the start of a week off from work and university. My plan, between enjoying the company of friends and family and eating hot cross buns with many cups of tea, is to finish (yes, finish!) three quilts in this time.

I'm very excited about going along to Stitch Playroom tomorrow to attend a day long machine quilting class. Whoo hoo! Anyone who doesn't quilt will not understand the joy of using curved safety pins to anchor the quilt sandwich. Nor will they understand my excitement over using my open toe walking foot for the first time. Thank goodness you do! 

First up is the first quilt I ever pieced. Its been languishing in the bottom of my quilt cupboard waiting for me to learn how to machine quilt it. In fact, these Lakehouse fabrics in green and pink gingham with roses were the first fabrics I fell in love with. (Thank you to Fiona and Cushla's Village Fabrics in Devonport, Auckland!) They started my fabric obsession. I know now that I didn't quite get the values right when selecting them, but this quilt still holds a place in my heart. We all have to start somewhere.

My second quilt is the stack and slash Kaffe Fassett I made at Stitch Playroom a few months ago. I was amazed how quickly it came together! It too has been languishing in the bottom of the cupboard awaiting quilting so that's next on the hit list for machine quilting this week.  

Finally there's the quilt I'm making for my wonderful Great Aunty Jean who turns 90 in June this year. I've used 1930's reproduction fabrics and I'm hoping she may even recognise a few of them from when they originally came out.  

Check back here tomorrow to find out how I get on.

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