Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A visit to the dentist

A few days ago I found a loose filling and while the thought of going to the dentist did not thrill me, I knew it was inevitable.

The good news is that whilst it wasn't pleasant, it was over pretty quickly. The filling was cracked and a piece was missing. Turned out there was a bit of a sinkhole beneath it so out it came. A brand new filling is now settling in its place. My mouth is crazy numb, and half my tongue too, which is a unique feeling, but kudos to St Albans Dental Centre for being such professionals.

Oh, I should add that I was a bit late for my appointment as I got confused between the veterinary clinic and the dental centre. In my mind, the dentist was where the clinic was. Fortunately, the sight of all those cats and dogs gave it away and I promptly drove out of that carpark and on to the right one!

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