Saturday, 20 August 2011

Final journey for Aunty's quilt

Beloved Great Aunty Jean died suddenly but peacefully on Friday. This Wednesday she will be farewelled by family and friends in the Hawkes Bay, wrapped in her birthday quilt, surrounded with love.

Dear Great Aunty Jean, 
You were a great lady in so many ways. I thank you for everything. I miss you too. The ragged edges of the hole you leave behind are raw and painful right now. But, like your indomitable spirit, the memories of your grace, faith and love are rising to the surface to make it good grief. Knowing you are finally reunited with Uncle Jim after so long makes my sadness bearable. I am sorry I did not get to see you in June for your birthday and that I will no longer have the chance to hear your voice on the phone each week. You did such an amazing job of being you. A true original. I am so much better for knowing you. Rest peacefully. 
Love always,

For the flowers in her garden that Aunty loved
I used 1930's reproduction fabrics that Aunty may have recognized from her youth
Aunty's garden had amazing dahlias
Bright binding for Aunty
Two gardens on Aunty's quilt; one for the front of the house, one for the back
The grass at Aunty's was always perfectly edged. Hearts in squares for all the lives she touched. 
Aunty Jean's fudge slice
1/4lb butter
1/4lb sugar
1 T cocoa
1 egg
Mix all into a saucepan and stir until melted. Take off heat and stir in 1/2lb roughly crushed round wine (plain) biscuits. (!/2 cup of nuts may also be added). Spread out into a shallow dish and leave to set. Slice  and store in an airtight container.
Enjoy with a cuppa and someone you love.

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  1. What a lovely tribute to your late Aunt and a beautiful quilt that I'm sure she treasured. I used to make that fudge slice when I was a kid! It's a great recipe isn't it!