Thursday, 4 August 2011

What makes me happy

I hope everyone is lucky enough to have someone in their life like my dear friend Fiona. Today these amazing flowers arrived as she knew I'd been a bit under the weather.  Bright and fragrant, they are so beautiful, just like their sender.

The card says: "Being sick is so crappy. Time to start a 'What makes me happy journal' #1 Fresh Flowers."  What a great idea. So here goes my starter for 10, and just writing it down actually makes me feel better.  Is Fiona fabulous, or what?!

  1. My amazing family, who make it all possible and worthwhile.
  2. My fabulous friends who are always there for me and make my world.
  3. Morning kisses, bedtime cuddles, and bed making 'assistance' from Zorro, Flash and Fluff.
  4. Fresh Flowers.
  5. A great book.
  6. Fabric.
  7. Singing.
  8. Christchurch on a crisp, clear winter morning with snow on the Alps and a Nor'west arc in the beautiful blue sky.
  9. Learning new things.
  10. My girls at School.
  11. ... writing this blog, and this list!
  12. Colour
Feel free to post me a comment about things that make YOU happy.


  1. Hi Kirsty! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! Making me happy at the moment is my finished crochet blanket :) Hope you're feeling better now. Those flowers are just beautiful!

  2. What makes me happy right now (cheesy I know) is that in just over a week my hubby and I are picking up a puppy! :-)