Friday, 23 September 2011

Close shave

Poor Flash. As a persian he has fur that demands to be brushed or it tangles. Unfortunately, his undercoat mats up as soon as look at it, and so close to the skin that we've been unable to brush out the knots without hurting him. Also he has very sharp claws and teeth and is not afraid to use them!  So last week we sent him off to the "hair dresser" (aka the Vet) who did a complete health check and trimmed those nails. She also trimmed away the matted hair leaving Flash with a mohawk!

Flash was a bit out of it that first night while the sedative wore off so, until he could regulate his own temperature again, a wee singlet kept him warm.

Suffice to say, as soon as he was feeling himself again (about 2am) that singlet went west...we still haven't found it.

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