Friday, 23 September 2011

Embracing the chaos

Some people say you should only do one thing at once, or risk doing everything poorly. I say NUTS to that!  The last few weeks have been a revelation, working concurrently on several different projects.

First there's the French Quilt; made with Moda Breath of Avignon and some lovely complementary french fabrics I had in my stash.  This is going to be a big HST number, paired with white.

Then there's the Freespirit one, teamed with gorgeous grey...

And the Summer House one, just a riot of colour....

And Gingham Roses is almost finished! I've been experimenting with some different machine quilting designs and added a terrific splash of scarlet red by trimming it in a grosgrain ribbon. This has made the world of difference and I feel much better about the colour balance now. Expect finished quilt photo in next few days. 

Admittedly, the quilting table is a bit of a mess but there is method in my madness;  I'm getting a heap of work done on them all and loving it!

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