Friday, 23 September 2011

K-Dawg and my pups

No, I'm not talking about some 50's pop group, K-Dawg is the moniker my lovely girls here at School have bestowed on me.  These 'pups' are now demanding to be mentioned in my blog. They are all such amazing young women and I am very privileged to spend weekends with them. This last year or so they've really been put through the ringer, what with a 'dead' body, fires, tsunamis, earthquakes, aftershocks (7000 and counting), evacuations, fake phones, OMG, R16, fish, turtles, staff changes and tents.  I am endlessly impressed by how my girls have coped with all that on top of the usual teenage trials and tribulations. Lately we've had a bit of a blitz on in NOT. Its...progressing.

In return for trying to teach them good manners, resilience, independence and maturity, I am constantly learning new things from them. Right now, one of my girls, Eliza, is trying to teach me some choice Thai phrases (yes Eliza, it DOES count as swearing even if it's in another language!)  Frances just showed me how to make the best rubberband/finger gun. It shoots brilliantly, but never at people!  Lauren is forever trying to get me interested in Justin Bieber (I'm resisting), whilst Thornton has the most infectious laugh it makes it really hard to tell her off and keep a straight face.  Makayla knows everything to know about birds and has a real knack for extending time (especially at bed time!).  I'm convinced Maddie is going to be a great dancer.  Rose has brilliant comic timing (ask her about the nuts), Izzy is a natural performer/fashionista, and Holly and Ella are sure to be featured in a haircare commercial one day - all they need is their own wind machine for those glorious tresses.  And, even though it means a very early start for my intrepid rowers (6am wake up calls, on a Saturday) this might result in an olympic finish at London 2012 or Rio 2016 so I probably cannot complain (really? Are you sure?!)

With more than 70 girls in total to look after, plus their lovely friends from time to time who also come in and say hi (Hi Clem, Hi Julia), as well as the terrific extended staff family, watch this space for more about them and their antics.

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