Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Technical difficulty 7.5, Artistic interpretation 3.0!

Today I am moving out of the Campervan and back into the Boarding House.  My room has been rebuilt since the earthquake - big thank you to the builders.  And,  I have to say, its not a moment too soon. Woke up today and forgot I was in the campervan. In typical morning daze I sat up, banged my head on the ceiling (only 40cm above me), and then rolled left out of bed...forgetting I was five feet off the ground. 

After some (quite spectacular, I have to say) aerial acrobatics whilst trying to find the ladder, - which included scrabbling at the bedsheets which were not tucked in so they came away from the bed in my hands, almost knocking the ladder sideways, and some yelling, - I managed to right myself and land (sort of) on the floor with only a single bruise to show for it. (Nobody could have been more surprised than me!)

Shall I try for the gymnastics team for the 2012 olympics? I think not.  

The space in question. It's not like I had a lot of room to manoeuvre, now is it?!

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