Friday, 6 January 2012

Favorite things

Today has been all about favorite things; my friend Jo and I went and picked raspberries which we later ate with Kapiti Triple Chocolate icecream (divine) whilst finally watching True Grit (awesome script, even if it does end rather abruptly).

Plus, my nephew's 21st quilt is taking shape:

My cats are well - here is Zorro in full stretch, out on the patio.  (He insists that is all fur, not fat.)

Mind you, there are still a few things going on that are not my more quakes today, and a run in with a couple of runaway knives that fell into the active waste disposal unit. Whilst maniacally spinning round, they collected my finger.

Still, at least it wasn't an important finger, the cut is nice and clean so should heal up nicely and I can still quilt.  After a good soak in cold water and then a wash, the blood is out of the tea towel too.  All things considered, it could have been worse!  

And, if I ever do need a smile, I just think of my friend who is rowing the Tasman in a tiny boat.  Currently the 4 boys are doing it naked.  The mind boggles!

There's lots to be grateful for and appreciative of. 

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