Saturday, 28 January 2012

Last of the summer quilting

We're nearing the end of the Summer break and I'm preparing to return to study and work.  This means I won't be so free with my time and the quilting will have to take a back seat to textbooks and teenagers.  I'm sad to be preparing to pack away the sewing machine for a bit, but excited to get back to University and my girls at School.

Here's the quilt I've been working on for my nephew for his 21st birthday which is just a week away now. Being a boy's quilt, I chose the beautiful blues, greens, chocolates and creams of the Moda Pure line, worked in a simple geometric design - no fuss, no frills.  I hope he likes it!

Flash! He just had to join in the picture

Now that I've sandwiched the top, batting and back, I'm at the machine quilting stage. This is a large queen-sized quilt and is proving a challenge to pass through my poor Elna, especially since I've chosen to do diagonal lines across the quilt. But I persevere! 

As much as I love these 'boy' colours, and I'm hoping Matt will too, I felt like I needed to indulge in splash of bright Kaffe colour (for me!) to fortify myself in preparation for the big push to finish Matt's quilt.

So I whipped up this little backing for my Faultline quilt (which languishes in the 'finished quilt tops' pile that haven't quite made it to the sandwich/machine quilt/bind phase).  Ah Mr Fassett, I feel so good when I'm playing with these fabrics and colours of yours!  This is an easy combination of jelly roll strips and charm squares.  Because it's a pieced back, I'm naming it - Strata.  Nice, orderly, stable layers that represent the geological strata I wish we had here in Christchurch.

'Strata' backing for Faultline


 Yes, we're still shaking, over a year since the big 7.1 Mw quake of September 2010 and the killer quakes of February 2011.  Sigh.  The strata of our geology, and our lives, continues to change. Thank goodness for quilting, it's keeping me sane. 

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  1. Your Faultline quilt looks amazing! Love the bright colours! Well done, can't wait to see the finish quilt!