Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Up close and personal with Matt's quilt

My friend Fiona asked for close ups of the machine quilting on Matt's quilt, so here it is, sans binding. I thought long and hard about how to machine quilt this one and decided not to do any free motion quilting on it because a) I'm a bit scared of that, and b) it's a boy's quilt so it, and the geometric nature of the pattern, leant itself to straight and diagonal lines, I think!

I used a ruler and erasable marker pen to map out the lines across the centre panel and, by rolling up each side of the quilt, it was much easier to feed through the throat of the machine when I was sewing the diagonals from corner to corner through the middle.  I confess my desire to finish overwhelmed my neatness but the lines are pretty much straight...mostly :-)

Had one little crisis when my eraser pen ran out!  For a while there I was worried the blue marker pen marks might have to become a permanent feature of the quilt, but fortunately I found another down at wonderful Stitch.  I love living down the road from my quilt shop!

Now I'm just snipping threads and sewing the tails in, prior to sewing on one side of the binding - boy do I love those self-threading needles I first heard about on fabulous Roz's Squiltz blog! They really are a life saver.  

The binding will be in the same stripe used in the quilt.  I prefer to hand sew the other side down, but that's just personal preference.

24 Feb 2012 - Update
And here it is, all bound and finished!

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