Thursday, 19 April 2012

Field of dreams

Okay, so you know I'm studying for my science degree at university. Part of that involves going on research field trips. I have just returned from one such trip to a part of the world that is just spectacular, the Canterbury High Country.

This land of blues, browns, golds, silvers, blacks and greens is breathtaking and I can easily see myself doing more research in this area.
The purpose of this trip was to undertake some geographical research on a debris flow, using ground penetrating radar, GPS and some sedimentology.
Our debris flow, below, was about 900m above sea level and happened within the last three months, most likely due to heavy rain in the area. The data collected is now being crunched and all that is left is the report writing (but that's another story!).
Whilst extremely unfit, I have to say that my 'trial' of getting to the location was worth it as (once I got my breath back and survived the embarrassment of having to have my inside pant leg unhooked by many hands from around a barbed wire fence) even I couldn't help but appreciate the beauty of the surroundings we were working in. Surely there can be no better 'office'!  

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