Monday, 14 May 2012


Have just been to see The Way, the Emilio Estevez film about the pilgrimage to the Compostella de Santiago; a 780km walk across the top of Spain, starting in France.

My friend, Fiona, and I  already plan to do the walk (yes, you read that right) in May 2015. I am now more determined than ever. It looks utterly amazing. And terrifying. And long.  And hard.  We must be crazy.  Buon Camino!

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  1. O I love that movie! I just saw it on Netflix last month. My son did that walk. It was such a transformational experience for him! It's not terrifying. You can replace that word with sore and achy, maybe. He said that movie was pretty accurate when it portrayed how many people are on that path and then none of them are alike - athletic, overweight, young, old, grieving, happy, doctorate holders, and idiots.

    And if you were to ask him, he would suggest that you try to be the first one to leave in the morning to make sure you have a bunk bed at the next place you'll stop. Otherwise, you'll be sleeping on a church pew. Oh, and invest in the best pair of hiking shoes you can afford, even if that means paying retail.

    Worth the experience.