Thursday, 10 May 2012

Guilty pleasures

So a while back I mentioned my plan NOT TO BUY ANY MORE FABRIC until I had worked my way through my existing stash. And I have to say, its been months since I partook of the den of iniquity that is ETSY. That should count for something! 

But the night before last I fell off the fabric wagon. 

Two words: WING STUDY.  It's from The Botanika Collection in the color Pastille from Michael Miller, designed by Paula Prass, and features a fresh take on botanical design. Birds, cages, crown, key, feathers, butterfly, eggs...Along with the printed words "Spread your wings", Unlock your dreams", and even a bit of prose:  

"I dream of taking flight high above all the worries and cares, gliding along is such a carefree manner I forgot it was just a dream."  

Then Lily Ashbury's Trade Winds for Moda caught my eye...sigh.  

After that it was a short but inevitable slippery slide into five pieces of Jennifer Paganelli's Matilda fabrics for Free Spirit, from her West Indies collection, (to be fair, I'd been lusting after this for a while)...

...before finally succumbing to the charms of Apartment Building Stripe from the Sweet on NYC Collection by The Pixie Pops for Timeless Treasures.

To top it off, well I was already damned so might as well make it worthwhile, I indulged in a few more pieces of the irresistible Penelope range by Holly Holderman from Lakehouse. 


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  1. You sound as strong-willed as I am with your fabric obsession. Some of these look gorgeous and I'm going to go on a bit of a search for some of them even though, of course, I don't need any.
    Thanks for commenting on my giveaway - I find your blog interesting (although the layout takes some getting used to)and am going to subscribe by email - it's the only way I ever remember to read blogs!!