Thursday, 25 October 2012

Three close shaves

It's that time of the year again when my three furry friends have to go to the vet for an annual check up and a bit of a groom. In my defence, I never wanted persians. I had my heart set on british blue shorthairs. But then these gorgeous bundles of fluff came into my world and I was lost. How could I resist them? Well, I couldn't, so I didn't. First came two, Zorro and Flash, followed a little later by their sister and litter-mate, Lil' Fluff.

Two years on they are big and gorgeous and fluffy. Very fluffy. Persians are a lot of work and with work and study they don't get the grooming they need. The result: fur balls.  Since  I didn't train them to enjoy the grooming process from birth, they are resentful and put up quite a fight if I try to groom them now (not surprising). So, with fur balls growing like topsy amongst their luxuriant coats, a trip to the vet was in order. I told them it was to the hair dresser and to think of it a bit like a spa day - teeth, nails, hair (and a quick vaccination).

Here they are, milling about, looking for breakfast. Still none the wiser.

5 minutes later. Still looking, still none the wiser.  From here, it looks like their coats are gorgeous too. Trust me, appearances can be deceiving!

Uh oh. The penny has started to drop... something is afoot!

Voila! Back home again that night and Lil' Fluff is now Lil' Lion. 

The boys, being super heroes, are both sporting capes. That's Zorro at the back and Flash in the foreground.
I shall leave the last word to Zorro who has decided the difference between him and his litter-mates is that he makes this look good. 

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