Sunday, 19 May 2013

Farewell Flashy

It is with great sadness I write this post. Three weeks ago my beloved Flash (seen here in the arms of my nephew) used up the last of his nine lives and was killed by a car on a wet Sunday morning.
To say that I am bereft is an understatement, despite still (most gratefully) having Zorro and Lil' Fluff.

Flash was exactly as his name describes; larger than life, exuberant, always showing off, affectionate, demanding, agile, maddening. Perhaps not the super hero his name envisaged but, as brother to Zorro and Lil' Fluff, he was a bit of a clown, outgoing and inquisitive. He loved lolling amongst Forget-me-knots, so much so that he would come inside covered in so many biddy-bids that he looked like he had a case of the measles! He was not a great fan of the brush which was a pity since his fur was abundant and prone to knotting. He adored to be stroked though.

And he loved his plastic water bottle caps. The particularly good ones could be batted around and lost under a piece of furniture within 20 seconds. Others took longer to lose and would be rediscovered noisily at 2am! He was also a lover of nature, particularly small birds and Monarch butterflies - which he liked to catch and bring inside rather worse for wear. (Not to eat, you understand, just to play with!) He loved the rain and would sit outside on the fence until saturated, then come inside to loudly demand to be swaddled and rubbed down with a towel. He loved to photo bomb, especially when I was trying to photograph a quilt. He was never so happy as to be the centre of attention, especially if that meant lying about on someones shoes, and he was a greedy guts who quickly polished off his own food and then went looking for that of his litter mates if they didn't eat their s quickly enough.

Fond of waking me by licking my nose, (once I had immediately gotten up and fed him!), he would happily come back to bed and lay on my bare arm with one paw stretched out toward me and snooze. This was our cuddle time. He liked to be fur to skin. Found to have a heart murmur earlier this year, in February he had a nasty clot that left him momentarily paralysed. He recovered but there was always a concern that he would throw another clot and that, as a result, his life may not be a long one. Sadly, I had no idea it would be as short as it was.

The last time I saw him, we played together with a toy mouse on a stick as he lounged in front of the fire. He purred happily then went outside about 10pm to gad about the neighbourhood and never returned. The next morning, someone left him in the garden next door and our neighbours kindly buried him for us. I have never asked where and I am glad I don't know as, for days afterwards, I was tempted to run and dig him up for one last pliant cuddle. It sounds macabre but he was always so soft and cuddly and I missed him so much, I just wanted one last moment with him. Of course, I realised at the same time that the gentle soul I grieved for was gone and all that was left was a husk, so I did not act on the urge and as time has passed I am able to remember him with fewer tears. The tears are falling as I write this and I will not forget him and the unconditional love we shared. He gave me such pleasure even though, right now, there is such pain. The love of a pet is a wonderful thing. I feel sorry for people that don't understand it and have not had the opportunity to share in both their life and their death, for both are sides of the same coin. I understand now that our furry friends are only ever with us on loan. I am so grateful to have had time with this gorgeous creature. I miss you every day, Flashy.
Another one of Flash's favourites...corn on the cob!

I am also grateful that the Magnificent Mr Zorro (lover, not a fighter) and Lil' Fluff (pee pot, grumpy girl and evil genius in training) continue share my life. They have their own personalities and bring me joy every time I see them. They do not seem overly bothered by Flash's demise and are away on a mini-break at the Cattery whilst we have EQC repairs done on our house. As a result, and the house is cold and lonely without their furry presence. I visited them the other day and they were well settled and relaxed, if not pleased with me. Lil' Fluff actually yelled at me and then went and sulked in her sleeping box, bristling with annoyance. Zorro, whilst periodically distracted by the doves roosting on the roof above their pen, purred loudly and head butted me before climbing up to his perch on a furry rug to keep an eye on those noisy birds. I'm sure he thinks they are very stupid. This week they'll be moving to a room with a view of the garden. They both love to bask in the sunlight and I'm sure the antics of the peacocks, doves, exotic chickens, miniature horses, ducks and geese on the property will keep them occupied - not to mention the numerous cats boarding with them.  I suspect when I finally pick them up in several weeks time that they will miss the menagerie.


Lil' Fluff

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