Saturday, 17 January 2015

Girlfriends are the best!

Happy New Year, everybody.

I know it's been forever since I posted, suffice to say that 'life' just got in the way. I remain eternally impressed and awed by people like the fabulous Barbara at the Three Cats Ranch who posts every day. Wow, that's some discipline, my friend. Definitely an inspiration.

Not to worry. It is the beginning of a new year so I resolve not to look back, only forward. I will update my profile a little, shortly, but everything else remains pretty much the same. Still quilting, still in Christchurch, still have my amazing fur-babies, Zorro and Lil' Fluff, still studying. I'm on the final stretch toward a MHDM - Master of Hazard and Disaster Management and I still have 17 quilts on the go.

Lil' Fluff

Zorro 'helping' me with the SMC wallhanging

Today, though, I am sewing some nurses scrub tops for my sister to wear at the hospital where she works in the children's ward. I'm using these very bright and bold fabrics from my stash and a Simplicity pattern.


Having spent a long long time away from the machine, getting back in the swing of things is a little taxing. It's also mighty hot outside today - 30 degrees C.  Whew! There is a reason I studied Antarctica as part of my undergraduate degree...

So whilst sweating...and there's not other way to say it...over a steaming machine, the bright light of my day has been the developing conversation between my BFF and I via SMS text.  With every beep of an incoming message alert I am reminded how spectacularly lucky I am to have the friends I do. This one is a fellow quilter and she's been stumped by an old UFO she wants to remake for her Mum's upcoming birthday. I was round at her place on Thursday looking at it and we made a plan. Of course, having a plan and actioning it are two different things.  Here's how our madness has progressed, verbatim...

10.42am today
(BFF to me)   Did you sew yesterday? 

(Me)  Yes. Sewed yesterday. About 60% done. Must finish today.  I expect all your 9 patches and ecru sashing done by today too!

(BFF) OK she says begrudgingly.

(Me)  Good girl. I want to see pictures!

(Me) You wouldn't be missing a sports shop voucher, would you? Found in garden. Thought it might have fallen out of the car when you pulled up the other day.

(BFF)  Not us. Maybe its a sign! Go get that leotard.

(Me)  Leotard?! Pshaw! I'm thinking WE could rock really tight lycra cycling outfits.... Matching ones!

(BFF)  Ohhhh is there enough cash for both of us to get them? Count me in! How about you get yours first and let me know your thoughts!  (unsmiley face)

(Me) (crazy smiley face) It's not a very big voucher but it should cover a few triangles for our girly bits. Wouldn't that be a sight!

(BFF) I am visualising it now. I can't speak for you but I sure can speak for myself and 'it ain't pretty.' I am feeling so distressed that I think I need to watch Oceans 11 and go to my happy place.

(Me)  I have an internal photoshop mechanism I can lend you. No matter how much I eat and how little exercise I do, I think I always look fabulous.'s my denial setting. It's permanently set to deluded.

(BFF) Actually that is true, you do always look fabulous! Let's live by the mantra that 'it's only a number.' xx

some time later....

(Me)  Facings suck. Interfacing the facings sucks too. Oversewing the interfaced facings is stupid. Oh god, I still have the sleeves to inset....  Why did I ever think this was a genius idea!!!! Talk about Labour of Love.

(Me)  AND... So much sweat that I'm now wearing towelling headband. Like McInroe. But without racket or short shorts.  So attractive.

(BFF)  I am sitting in chilly 16 degrees and loving it. Sew at mine if you want to. I'm watching tv. Haha.  Having said that, I do now have 12 x 9 patches. Just need to cut the sashing out.

(Me)  Yay! Good job! Nope, I'll stay put in my puddle but you for the offer. Am getting closer and closer to bagging a fresh pair of undies and putting the freezer for later.

(BFF) Brad AND George in one film. Who thought of that?! Put your jeans in and you have a whole wash happening.

(Me)  Lol. Done!

Hopefully nobody out there in blog-reading land is offended by that recounting. If you are, best tune out 'cause there'll be more where that came from.

I promise to be more productive with my blogging this year. Until next time, here's a view Friday night's sky and happy quilting.

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